In 2001, a small group of passionate and visionary design professionals embarked on a mission to improve the design landscape of Kuala Lumpur. They made their name known when, in 2007, they helped make Kuala Lumpur’s latest landmark, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, a reality. This icon has won over 27 local and international awards, and set the industry benchmark in the master planning, design and construction management of a mixed-use development project in the heart of the capital's shopping district.

Since then, that small team has grown to comprise talented individuals from all over the world to form KL Pavilion Design Studio in 2010. Now, as a truly-independent multidisciplinary design house, we offer a wide range of skills and services – as employed in creating the stellar success that is Pavilion Kuala Lumpur – to a multitude of clients.

Today, KL Pavilion Design Studio’s strength comes from our close association with the dynamic Pavilion Group to comprehensively realise successful mixed-use developments through industry-leading in the areas of:

- Master Planning and Urban Design

- Architecture

- Interior Design

- Retail Design Management

- Project Management

- Product Design and Conceptual Branding

We work on the principle that every client is unique and every project requires a novel approach. This way, we can avoid relying on preconceived formulas in favour of personalised and creative solutions and ideas that are custom - made for each project.

Applying this principle across the breadth of our integrated areas of expertise, we look forward to building success after success together with you.